Entrepreneurship - A Way of touching people's life

Entrepreneurship - A Way of touching people's life

I Always wanted to write about it and talk about it!

Entrepreneurship! I cannot remember any phase of my life where i don't want to be a entrepreneur,

Its always there, sometimes very strong, sometimes very light.. but always i was fascinated by the idea of entrepreneurship and the joy it offers.

For Me Entrepreneurship is not about money!

Its Not about Freedom and power it offers,

Its Not about having your own schedule to work and taking leave whenever we need is a mind set.

Entrepreneurship is about Mindset!

Lets see who is a full-time entrepreneur, If the one who quits his full time job and does something on his own is called as entrepreneur? a not!

I see entrepreneurship is about taking ownership of things in every situation, Even working in 9-5 Job many people shine more then others, Why?

In Google there are thousands of people working from the day 1 but what it takes for sunder Pichai to become a CEO of the same?

Because they take complete ownership of the situation around them, They never says "This is my role, i wont do an extra bit of work more than what I'm assigned.. Even if the entire project fails I'm not responsible but i have did my part well! I should be given credit for that!" Clearly that's not entrepreneurial mindset.

Its about keeping the goal in mind and doing whatever we can, We may not be able to do many things by ourself or we may not have competence to do the same, however that intention will help us grow us to the next level.

Entrepreneurship is a way of touching peoples life and transforming their life in some way. It May be creating a product or offering a service or working in a company, whomever we meet they are our clients we should do our best to help them.

Hating 9-5 Jobs:

I see some ad's and self motivated talks about entrepreneurship is projecting full time job as some kind of slavery and people who work on that must be liberated or they are working there because they are cowards. this is absolutely wrong,

Just to get you to buy the service or the training they are offering such advertisements might have been put up, Or they themself believe these things, But this job has transformed millions of peoples life and continued to do so, and there is a entrepreneurship element is always there, Its not about weather you work for job or you own a service, the way you take ownership matters.

So to begin your entrepreneur journey you don't have to leave your job, You can be an entrepreneur with in the company also.

If you feel you can offer a service or make a product or fill a gap in the market it will be wonderful too,

The people working on their own they often put extra efforts, and sometimes they don't even feel to check the time, all day 24*7 they just work on their company, because they don't feel it as a work they just have fun doing it, because they like it.

This is what happens to the people who find their passion and peruse it as a career, They may be earning less then the market but they will be very happy and satisfied about what they are doing, That's very important.

If you look at the famous youtubers, They all started it with a passion to put videos, Recently YouTube has become a big money making machine many players coming there to earn money, Which is not wrong, But many individual youtubers who started this as a hobby and they kept doing it because they like it one day they become very popular and there are crores are money sitting in their bank account now 😄

At the same time there will be similar youtubers who is doing the work with same passion for long time and they never become big like other youtubers, but they might not care about those because they like what they are doing, This is just a example, Same applicable for every part of the industry, Be it in Business, Service, Product etc.

Weather we make Billion dollars or Hundred Rupees depends on our competence and the market needs and it matches with the demand etc, But the happiness we find doing the things we like and touching peoples life what matters as a journey.

Here is a video in which we discussed this in detail:

There is no Failure for a entrepreneur:

There are many lessons to be learned on the way, but there is no failure as such for a entrepreneur, They keep trying in different way, Its all become a lesson to keep trying again until it succeeds, For Them success itself not a big deal, journey matters,

Lets take Dhoni, He has won all the cups in every format and he is a cricket super star and earned love of millions across the world. He has never flaunted that he did it! Even in any interview i have seen or heard, He has faced many failures too, Mostly he has taken failures on him and the success he pass it on to the team with a smile. That's why many people have no choice but to like him. Many say there is a pull towards Dhoni and many crazy fans, May be this is why. He is a example of entrepreneur.

What makes you entrepreneur?

There is no single definition for that,

If you want to make money you can start a company and call yourself entrepreneur,

You can buy a company and call yourself that,

You can become a partner and call yourself that,

At the end its a sprit that makes you a true entrepreneur. that's all that matter!

For Money, Freedom to work whenever we can, "I hate my full time job so becoming a business man",

These reasons may help you start a company or help you do something,

I see a problem needs to solved, Whatever it takes let me do that, Even if i fail its ok, I will try again.

This problem can be social level or business level, Education or even in the project we are working in our job, Such motive gives us a joy that no other reason matches. Then we will work more then 70 hours per week, More than Mr Narayana Moorthy asked our youth to work because its no more work, its part of our life. May be that what he felt and suggested the same for the youth.

The joy this entrepreneurial mindset brings is compared to all the above benefits i mentioned.


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