A Chill Weekend Connect with some learning

A Chill Weekend Connect with some learning
Make the weekend Evening Utilized as an invested time for learning with various experts and fellow members of Tamilboomi free of cost.

Tamilboomi Weekly Meetup: A Casual Weekend Digital Gathering For Empowering Knowledge and Building a Community with like-minded people.

Every Saturday we bring new guests and talk about various technologies or life-changing career sessions,

Consider it as a Chill Weekend Show that happens every week.

These meetings have been happening for over a year now, We have hosted 50+ Weekly meetings with Various topics.

The Response was amazing!

If you want to be in this community and Get Notifications for Upcoming Sessions.

Or do you want to share knowledge or your Offering?

Weekly Meetup sessions are Conducted in Zoom and Also streamed in Linked In Live.

If you want to join the meetings live you can use the below links.

We have an active WhatsApp group where we will post every week about that week's session.

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Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tamilboomi-technologies

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Whatsapp for queries: +91 9619663272 / +91 90424 63272

Mail: info@tamilboomi.com

Previous Episodes List :

Tamilboomi Weekly Meetup_Episodes list
Sheet1 Ep #,Weekly Meet Topic,Episode Link 1,How is Job Market in the US? Over all Industry trend | Expert Talk ,<a href=“https://youtu.be/2Hu0S7V9Mq0”>https://youtu.be/2Hu0S7V9Mq0</a> 2,Mechanical to Python Engineer | All About Python | Freelancing | Real Career Story,<a href=“https://youtu.be/…

Each week, we bring together a diverse range of esteemed guests, including expert professionals, our dedicated trainers, and passionate members of the Tamilboomi community. Their collective expertise and real-world experiences contribute to an enriching and insightful discussion.

We understand the value of knowledge-sharing, and that's why we record and upload all the weekly events on our website and YouTube channel. By doing so, we aim to provide easy access to these invaluable sessions for everyone interested in expanding their knowledge and gaining a deeper understanding of the topics we cover.

Whether you are seeking to clarify doubts, learn from industry experts, or simply connect with fellow enthusiasts, the Tamilboomi Weekly Meetup is the perfect platform for you. Join us on this exciting journey of continuous learning and growth.

Come and be a part of Tamilboomi Weekly Meetup, where knowledge knows no boundaries and curiosity knows no limits. Let us embark on this enriching journey together, as we unlock the transformative power of learning and collaboration.
Here is the Latest Weekly Meet Video For Your View.

Previous Session List:

Episode 8: How to Get Promotion? Upskill yourself | Climbing on Corporate Ladder

Episode 7: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Episode 6: Write a Resume That Recruiters Can't Ignore You! | Work shop

Episode 5: Introduction to Data Engineering in Tamil | Real-Time | End to End

Episode 4: Devops End to End Introduction and Student Experience

Episode 3: Different Paths in IT End to end Explained

Episode 2: Mechanical to Python Engineer | All About Python | Freelancing | Real Career Story

Episode 1 : How is Job Market in the US? Over all Industry trend | Expert Talk

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