Should we always keep skilling up in this Job market?

Should we always keep skilling up in this Job market?

Always we often heard about skilling. Upskilling, Multiskilling. in this IT world we might often feard about the changes that are happening too frequently.

Like any new technology could replace our job.. any new thing could eliminate our job and there is a recession here layoff, etc., etc.

In this blog, I'm trying to tell you my point of view of what is skilling up and why we should skill up, and what the market dynamics are about.

First, let's clear up one thing! We should skill up to stay on track. Period.

Even though the above is true it doesn't have to take a toll on our regular life. Let us first see why we should skill up.

Most of today's jobs doesn't exist 20 years back.

85% of jobs that will exist 10 years from now don't exist yet!

An estimated 85 Million jobs will be displaced and 97 million new jobs will be created in 2025

Source: World Economic Forum Research 2020

Let us look at some of the technologies that are currently in the market.



Data Engineering

Data Science


If we look closely at all these technologies these terms were there for the last 10-20 years. but the technologies and the tools that are being used here mostly been developed and changed rapidly in the last 5 years.

Let's take DevOps.

The word DevOps was coined in 2009 and enterprise adoption and scalability started in 2016 along with the cloud boom. now cloud DevOps is being implemented in most companies.

Now, most people who like to upskill themselves and try to venture out into different technology has few questions.

I have 15 Years of experience in .net if I learn cloud DevOps I will be considered a fresher right?

This is a common question often we face.. but since the DevOps technology itself doesn't exist in the market for more than 5 you are expected to have 10 years of experience? whether you worked on a particular technology or not you have 15 years of experience..on top of it you are multiskilling in this area as well and you are positioning yourself in the skill market.

The companies also understand this truth. the hiring manager who is looking for talent also knows and he will agree with this due to market reality. Even if you get 1 or 2 different expectation companies you can let it go.

Also, one more important point is.. we should not (cannot) stick to only one technology and call ourselves that technology. Ex: DB admin, Android Developer, etc. Because with the agile and cloud boom, you are expected to learn Cloud and deploy the things in docker and work in Kubernetes, etc.

so in addition to the things you are working on, you are expected to know this..and this happens by default if your project implemented such a thing..if not you can pick these skills up along the way by your interest.

And one more common question I get is,

If I learn this technology will be able to stay stable for the next 10 years?

The answer is No one knows :) But if you switch your career and started working on different technology. there is a high chance you will get a chance to work and skill along with the industry with this technology rather than being in your old career.

For example:

I was working as a SQL developer in my first company in 2012. after two years I faced a situation where I have to either switch the company or the career doesn't look so bright.

My obvious choice was to learn ETL tools such as (SSRS, and SSAS) and move along the way. But due to a turn of events I learned Hadoop and switched to that career.

Now 2023 Whatever the tools I learned are no more being used. but since i made a switch that time now I moved and learned new things along the way which is needed to do my job like (Spark, Kafka, HBase, etc.) that take away from my own experience.

The technology you switch may not stay for a long period but that switch may help you to grow.

How to utilize the current trend?

This is a very good time for startups and skilled things.

One example is there is no career position like our current Youtube stars & Insta celebrities and this is not the end.

This shall change new markets will open in IT and every other industry. wheater you are an entrepreneur or an Employee who is looking to grow with these trends you can utilize such things and make your life easier and more fun.

Happy Learning! :)

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