Mobile App Development Career Trend in 2023

Mobile App Development Career Trend in 2023

App Development has changed over past decade and continue to change in a faster way.

Mobile Application Technology is growing fast before we  finish reading the latest book on App Development, what we learnt is outdated Those days [2011-12], Android phones were not as widespread as nowadays. People used mobile phones- not smart phones, on their engineering projects using blue tooth with android operating system they developed some application, using the then existing android version 2.0 which is for mobile Application Development and Android 3.0which is for Tablet Application,

Now, a decade later, people prefer the term Mobile Developer or Software Engineer rather than Android Developer. Earlier, it was not possible to develop any mobile app without knowing a programming language. These days, a working knowledge of spread sheet programs such as MS Excel or Google Sheets along with ‘Amazon Honeycode is sufficient to develop applications, without having to learn a programming language. This makes the development much easier.

Consequently, even smaller entities such as schools, colleges, startups and small scale industries, which had found custom-built mobile apps too expensive, can now create their own  Internal Management and  Lead Generation Applications in-house by simply using their data and Amazon Honeycode.

Earlier, mobile apps needed to be created separately for Android and iOS.. Now  a languages such as React Native or Flutter can be used to create apps which will work on both operating systems. Just like web applications can be created using Html, CSS and tools such as React and  WordPress, we now have many Frame works tools that help in mobile app development. For example, Flutter can be used to develop apps that can work on the Web, mobile or Windows. Like water, these applications will fit neatly into whichever the container it is placed in.

Earlier, the APK (Android package Kit) file format was very popular. Though it is still used, it has several security issues. For example, it allows the creation and circulation of multiple  duplicate applications under  the same name. The AAB (Android App Bundle) format has been introduced to address this problem. It includes all the Application’s Compiled codes and Security keys while deferring APK generation. After the developer uploads his app to Google play store in AAB format, a user can download it as usual, Google signs the Application, thus avoiding fake or unauthorized copies.

We also have now APP Testing simulators using Cloud platforms. For example, if we wanted to test an application on particular model of a particular brand of mobile, we can simply select that from the Cloud and test the app in real time. It is similar to how Hadoop is used in VM ware.

These days It is not necessary that one needs to be a coder in order to develop mobile Applications. It only requires some basic skills in Java or C++ which can be developed in just 2 months. This should be enough to get a grip on frameworks and other tools required to develop applications.

Getting a job is much easier for even freshers if they have tried and developed applications and have some experience  in this area. Lots of opportunities are opening up in companies of all sizes. In fact, we have recently heard of that wedding app which will conveniently share all the related videos and photos via a single folder. Even novices can create their own Apps like Cottage Industry products and keep them on Play Store which costs only 30 USD.

Moreover, anyone with an understanding of and experience in Architecture building can be employed as Staff Engineer etc.

Many innovative apps have appeared recently, such as ‘Be my Eyes‘ – a free app that connects visually impaired people with sighted volunteers [and company representatives for visual assistance] through a live video call. So if you have passion for learning and are willing to upgrade your skillset, Mobile Application Development offers great promise and many job opportunities.

--This is the content of  Arumugam interviewing  Elamparithi regarding the changes and evolution in mobile development over the past decade.

*English transcribed by Sunder Raman.

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