Python For DevOps - A Course For Everyone

Python For DevOps - A Course For Everyone
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We Have Exciting news for Everyone in the learning community! We are Coming up with a course that Anyone can learn,

Are you an experienced developer? DevOps Engineer? Are you afraid of coding? Do you want to learn coding as a hobby? Are you a Student? Non-IT Background?

We have it all covered, In This course, anyone can learn and benefit from their respective roles.

How You may Ask!

We Have Designed a course that will help you learn to code from the basics and easily do things in your day-to-day work.

Are You afraid of coding? Have no fear!

Our Course is designed to remove your fear and start from basics, All it needs is some of your time and follow the simple things.

Complete Demo on the Course:

What are we going to learn?

We will be learning Python as part of this course, Python is an incredibly versatile programming language, and it's widely used in the field of DevOps for various tasks such as automation, scripting, infrastructure management, and more.

Right now From the AI(Chatgpt), Machine learning, Bigdata, anything can be done using Python! So it's best to learn this language to become any role that you want to try or just for knowledge.

Who Can Learn?

Developers, System administrators, Testing engineers, freshers and even members from another field not related to IT. Anyone Can Learn! It's from scratch and useful for anyone in the IT Field or other fields.

If you are from other fields this will help you be more productive since you can automate many of the things using Python! Which will become a powerful weapon of your choice 😄

What You will learn in this course?

  • Understanding Python relevant to DevOps from scratch.
  • Tools like Ansible and SaltStack leverage Python for defining configuration tasks and managing server configurations.
  • Python is commonly used in CI/CD pipelines to automate the build, test, and deployment phases of software development
  • Python excels at automation tasks. DevOps engineers often write Python scripts to automate repetitive tasks such as deployment, testing, monitoring, and maintenance processes.
  • Python scripts are often used for managing Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters.

Hands-On Labs:

Practical labs and hands-on exercises are often a crucial part of these courses to provide real-world experience.

In summary, Python plays a crucial role in DevOps by enabling automation,infrastructure management, testing, monitoring, and other essential tasks involved in the software development lifecycle. Its rich ecosystem of libraries and frameworks makes it a preferred language for DevOps professionals worldwide*

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Who are we?

Tamilboomi Technologies is a trusted learning platform that is passionate about making learning easy and inspiring. Our Students are the best persons to talk about us.

About Trainer:

  • Sudarshan will be your trainer for this course, He has helped hundreds of students to learn Aws Devops and is passionate about sharing his knowledge in a way Everyone can understand, He has built his own Fan group throughout training and teaching.
  • He has 12+ years of experience in IT with various technologies like Linux, VMware, Cloud, DevOps, Kubernetes, Python, and so on
  • He trains all the services from scratch even a non-technical member can easily understand the concepts
  • He usually builds confidence for students in how-to-face interviews and even he helped place many students, we mentioned our student reviews below.
  • His Certifications:
    • AWS solution architect
    • Azure solution architect
    • Kubernetes Certified Administrator
    • Terraform certified
    • Linux certified

Feel free to contact us for further questions, Our support team will be happy to talk to you and clear any queries you have!

Happy Learning! 😸

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