Do I need to Do paid Course to switch my Career?

Do I need to Do paid Course to switch my Career?
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We always get a question do I need to learn paid course to switch my career?

Well the answer is It Depends!

We can say 100% there is nothing new we are teaching that is not available in the internet.

Then everyone can learn from there is it?

What it takes to learn and switch your career? As you may think it's the knowledge that is required, well you are partially right.

#1 You need a motivation to learn.

That's the important factor I see on my experience as running the training programs for last 10 years.

We may start with great enthusiasm but over the period we may lose it and go in different directions.

#2 What the paid courses offer is nothing but a set of clear path.

In the information world, information overloaded with multiple sources and multiple opinions and their experiences, chances are there, we might lost endlessly due to the multiple source of information and it.

What the courses offer is a direction from a experienced person who is already working on this field which we are aspiring to reach. That gives us confidence and follow the same without getting distracted on other way.

One way to solve this is 'Get the syllabus from the institute what they are planning to teach and learn it on your own with the help of internet" Also try to teach out to mentors in the field and get their inputs.

Also do something helpful to them as well if possible not in money but other ways.

3# Support if you stuck in a error or query

Live courses offer support if we get stuck in some program or trying to understand the concepts.

If we are stuck while trying to install something then the search may go endless and we might give up. But learning from a course will give us oppertunity to get his or her help and move forward.

4# Industry Insights and Job market

Experienced trainers can bring much to the table with his experience and handling previous classes and from the experience of the students as well.

This is a real assert if the trainer is very good in helping and passionate on helping the students going above and beyond. We are fortunate to have many such trainers in this way.

5# Group Support

This is often overlooked by many people and they did not utilize this properly in the online training.

The more learning we get from our peers! Period!

Group helps each other's and share their experiences and that turned out to be valuable.

If one got placed in a company it will inspire others to take some steps and brings hope!

If one keep submitting the assignments it helps others to do also..and so on.

When we work or learn as a team we succeed faster!

These are my 5 takes on learning in our own without having to join for a paid course.

It's 100% possible to switch we have many number of students often share their success wherever we meet them.

Well success doesn't matter, But the Process is!!

If you are planning to learn on your own keep the above points in mind and try to find alternatives for the same to enhance your learning!

This post is inspired by one of our community members message.

Thanks for sharing to give motivation to produce such content.

Success story

If you have such story do share it with us 😄

Happy Learning!


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